Products and Services

Powering Your IT Solutions

Our hands-on experience with the products and services gives a distinct advantage to OfficeStream, Inc. In depth knowledge of business practices and IT structure form the foundation of our service and are responsible for the exceptional quality we put into our work.

Retail Products and Services
  • Watchguard Security Appliances
  • Xerox Printers
  • Office Supplies – ribbon, paper, ink, toner
  • Installation of appliances
  • Management and Maintenance of Appliances
Contract Products and Services
  • Develop new software depending on customer specifications
  • Customer Software Support on IBM servers
  • Web hosting
  • Backup Solutions through Acronis
  • Online integration of payment portal to customer web site
  • Configure and/or manage online site
  • Maintain server stability – upgrades and updates
  • On-site consultations