Powering Your IT Solutions

Introducing OSI-Scan, a fully integrated scanning solution for your IBM i system.

Incorporate a digital document filing system with your current IBM i program.  If you are using a RPGLE based program this is the solution to your scanning, viewing and document storage needs.

OSI-Scan utilizes the IBM HTTP server to integrate the DB2 database to the end users personal computer.  This is accomplished by partnering with Dynamsoft and using the Twain server to PC interface. This relationship allows users of the IBM i to view and store important documents directly to the IBM server as well as associating it to the relative information in the DB2 database.

Work orders to Invoices OSI-Scan is able to store and retrieve important documents in a flash.

  • Custom Mapping to database information
  • Database linked Document Scanning
  • Database linked Document Storage
  • Database linked Document Recall and Display
  • Database linked Document Upload and Download

Custom Integration

OSI-Scan integrates with your currently installed IBM i program.
Documents are linked directly to customer data for easy retrieval

Reliable Connectivity

IBM’s elite standard for uptime means less issues than other major hardware vendors